About Us

Ekin Solutions is a 8A certified, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), and Minority-owned corporation that developed out of solving code challenging projects. We take pride in providing easy and quick digital solutions to our clients belonging to different business sectors such as manufacturing, shipping, retail and HR. As a team we understand our clients need to automate and ensure that it brings profit to their organization. When we offer our services, our customers trust us with their toughest challenges. We reward that trust by pushing ourselves, across every function in the organization to find quality, reasonable, comprehensive and customized software solutions that are unique and cannot be replicated by our competitors. By setting the bar high, we achieve the impossible.

Our Mission

EKIN Solutions' mission is to provide quality, valuable, reasonable, best-of-breed, comprehensive and customized software solutions to organizations across the globe. We do that by building and maintaining relationships with executives and managers of our clients, and working closely with them to understand their software requirements and finally providing them the solutions that best fit their needs. In addition, our software teams offer 24/7 easy access to our clients for any post-production support. Finally, we adopt value and competitive pricing for our services based on the “value” our clients receive from our services.

Our Vision

EKIN Solutions’ vision is to become a fast growing, reasonable and reliable Information Technology Consulting, Software Delivery and Training Group. EKIN Solutions intends to achieve that by constantly innovating, creating meaningful relationships with our clients by focusing on select target clients who would truly benefit from our unique offerings and services, and continuing to offer them quality and quick services customized to their needs.

Why Ekinsol

EKINSOL is a technology consulting and innovative services company providing software delivery automation to enable organizations accelerate growth. We believe that greater business efficiency is achieved by transforming organizations and processes into a smart world of technology and automation.

Our solutions eliminate the boundaries between organisations in the enterprise, leading to improved time-to-market and optimized cost of latest and path breaking products and services. EKINSOL helped many global customers build solutions to ensure sustainable growth and dramatically improve the lives of the clients. EKINSOL enable enterprises for digital transformation by using innovative technologies with Cloud, Security, AI Strategy and IoT agility.


Ekin has a rich talented pool of professional service experts in cloud computing, application modernization and cybersecurity. Our team is truly committed to client success. Our professional service experts are uniquely qualified and specialized in innovative methods and technologies to deliver services and collaborate with clients and key stakeholders. Ekin also aims to help customers realize the best value from our services not only just for one engagement but for years to come. Our expertise has been earned through managing a number of successful projects around the world. We bet our best foot forward and deliver to client expectations on projects.


Contract Vehicles

Contract No: 47QTCB22D0294


8(a) Sole Source $4.5M

Best in Class (BIC)

DUNS/CAGE/UEI : 080182516 / 7V4K9 / EATLJWKP3RE4

Contact: Satish Dronavalli


703 957 0399