Application Modernization

You might have faced issues while trying to modernize your legacy systems such as adding features, fixing issues and scaling. At Ekin, we believe that the key to success in application modernization, like most things, ultimately comes down to strategy and picking application modernization projects where the benefits of cloud, speed, performance, scale, new feature development, among other things, are ones that offer the given application a clear path to improved customer experience and ROI.

It's natural to fear the unknown, question the unproven, be skeptical of the latest technology trends. IT modernization is an important stepstone for reaching the goal of going digital. The strategic corporate benefits of application modernization are effectiveness, efficiency, differentiation, and maturity.

From the Digital Master book series

Our 3R strategy to App Modernization


Create business models to improve the ways our clients interact with their customers, employees and partners. We help them reshape their operations and processes to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage.


EKIN's workforce reflects the millennial mindset and is flexible/open, and adopts an inclusive approach to work. We help companies adopt new tools, to enable knowledge sharing and drive productivity/innovation.


Business operations are being transformed by social networks, mobile devices, "big data" analytics and cloud computing. We can help you use these technologies and find new ways to increase operational flexibility, incur lower costs and decrease time-to-market.

We aim to provide you best strategies from the modernization of existing infrastructure and applications to the development and deployment of applications that run on any cloud platform.

We will help you to reduce risks and cost while still moving your portfolio in the right direction of modernization. Application modernization can be applied to different sectors to improve customer service.


Easy Migration of Existing Workloads

Easier Scalability

Simplifies Updates

Security Upgrade

Our Services

We can handle application modernization services for various sectors. We provide modernization of applications which will help you manage customer relations, shipping, billing, financial management, business analytics and related services.

  • Strategy for Modernization - We understand your needs and investigate your legacy applications. After going through your code, we provide a detailed guidance on improvement that need to be done for re-architecturing your legacy application into a modular, scalable and faster application.

  • Migrate to the cloud - Basis of a modern application is using the cloud services. We provide solutions for optimal use of cloud. Our experts will help you in converting your application into a Azure native by solving issues that companies generally face while Azure transformation.

  • Technology expertise in Cloud Modernization - Our team is a expert in collaborating different Azure services suitable for your company in a cost effective way. We ensure that we give our customers a secure applications using the Azure Modernization.. We are also experts in creating optimal and scalable architecture using google cloud.

We assure you that our team of experts will provide you end to end services from planning execution to completion and maintenance.

Fun Fact - 41% of businesses cite inability to extract data trapped in legacy systems and expose them to cloud services.